My Adventures

My first big adventure was when I flew on a plane only a week after being adopted. Even though Southwest Airlines clearly hates dogs (my mom wrote a nasty letter to the president, so maybe they’ll change their screaming-child-friendly, pet-hating ways), I did great. It was scary, but little did I know I’d end up in doggy paradise on the other end.

My parents make fun of it all the time (really, a lot), but I think Surprise!, Arizona is the best place ever. Retirement-compound living is awesome. My grandparents love me like crazy. As long as no one comes to visit or tries to get anywhere near Grandpa, it’s great.

Most of my adventures were in parks around San Francisco, Crissy Field, Pt. Isabel and Ocean Beach. I spent lots of time running around with my nanny, Shannon, and I attended several meetups. I love to play with my BFF, Chief,  and I dress up for Halloween and Gay Pride. Since moving to Manhattan, I like to visit Central Park and Carl Schurz Park, where I can talk to the mayor.

Here are pictures of me and all my adventures. Be sure to check back, because, wow, do my parents like to take pictures of me.

Click on any photo below, and a larger version will pop open, then you can navigate through lots of photos of me. The albums are organized by year, so if you’re in a hurry, click on the first one, “Random Favorites.”