My Likes

I have very strong opinions about pretty much everything. Some people think I get that from my mom.

These are the people I’ve loved best: Grandpa, Shannon, Hendrick. These are the people I’ve loved second-best: Sonja, Malena and Uncle Kev, Kim, Felicia. My favorite places are Crissy Field, Ocean Beach and Sun City Grand.

My best friend is Chief, who is my emotional-support dog. He is magical and even does laundry. I always feel more confident and safe when he is with me. I may have forgotten to mention that I was the gayest dog in San Francisco (some people think I get that from my Uncle Michael), and I don’t like playing with girl dogs, except Tini (see below).

I am allergic to lamb, soybeans, chicken, venison, peanuts, cats, fleas, dust mites, nettles, sorrel and bayberry trees.

I do not like smokers, long shorts on men, traffic-rule-breakers, Bostons, Frenchies, Pugs (except Finn), dogs who weigh more than 20 pounds, any dogs in my building or neighborhood, running children, garbage trucks, joggers, bicycles or sequins.

As you can see, I am very picky, so when I tell you I like something, you can trust me. The following links will take you to people, places and things I highly recommend.
Pets Unlimited is the shelter that took care of me while I was waiting for my home. Now it’s part of the San Francisco SPCA, where my psychiatrist, Dr. Berger, and her assistant, Lisa Stinnett, worked. My mom says Dr. Berger and Lisa saved our family. Sometimes she cries about it.
You can see all the dogs my mom walked each Woofy Wednesday at the Pacific Heights SF SPCA (formerly Pets Unlimited).
I used to get baths sometimes at Pet Food Express’ California Street location, near the JCC. The people are nice and helpful. The company is very good to local shelters, and they even made me a poster-pup in the My Mutts program!
Malena DeMartini-Price is my trainer. She is a national expert on separation anxiety (she even wrote a book! It’s called Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs). Even though I am a complete failure on that subject, she still loves me. We went through several trainers before Malena, and we are very, very grateful we found her. She also owns my summer house, where I used to stay when my parents went away. She and Uncle Kev and Tini (my only friend of the girl persuasion) — and even Leia (an authorized dinosaur) — took very good care of me.
Shannon Bolt of The Domestic Animal was my nanny. She is a pet caregiver, consultant, walker and sitter. She was my doggy doula and helped my parents get ready for me and learn how to take care of me.
I loved, loved, loved going to the San Francisco Small Dog Beach Walk at Ocean Beach on Saturdays at 10 am. I ran and dug and peed and plaedy all over the beach with lots of other small dogs. I especially loved when Chief and Hendrick and Sonja come, too. I am not even afraid of the waves anymore, and I really like crabbing.

My Favorite Stuff
I employ rigorous and vigorous testing of everything from harnesses to treats to toys to clothes — and more. Mom figured if it works for me, maybe it’ll work for you, too, so she set up a Pinterest board with my favorite stuff, called “Ezra’s Favorite …” Only my most favorites are included, with reasons why they’re the best. Please remember this board is not to be confused with stuff I want, which can be found on my other Pinterest board, called “Stuff Ezra Wants.”