My People

My mom’s name is Lauren Hauptman. She is an editorial and creative consultant with her own company, Lauren Hauptman Ink. I am her assistant creative consultant. Mostly, I sit on her lap and occasionally type a letter or two on the computer. If I don’t like something she writes or designs, I can either eat it or pee on it. Then she knows she should start again.

My mom is a New Yorker, and after talking all the time about how she didn’t like San Francisco, we moved back to Manhattan in 2017. We are especially excited about real theater and  bagels.

ezrafamilyMy dad is Jeff Weinberger. He is very, very smart. He is an expert on marketing and recurring revenue for DS3 Consulting. He likes to wake me up at the crack of dawn for my morning walk, which I don’t like. He makes up for it by taking me to the beach and introducing me to other little dogs. He is also very good at tug of war. I know he really loves me, because he didn’t want a dog. I know he is glad he changed his mind.